​​NS2 PLus 

​Smart Screen

In the year 2017, many would expect that we would already have flying cars and aliens discovered, but of course such things have not been achieved. The same scenario can be used for LED technology. Why has no one developed a product where they can wear an LED screen? And have full control over what comes on it? We asked the same questions. Thus, the NS2 Plus project was born. 

​Modern LED screens are not customizable at all. They tend to be quite heavy and only have very limited text and effects that are only fit for certain things, but with our product, that is not the case. We strive to create an LED screen that is fit for all events. Either it is a sporting event you are attending, a concert, to even using the screen for business advertising; everything displayed on the screen can be changed at any time. That is what makes this product not just unique, but a revolutionary way to further progress the LED technology world. 

We strive to create the most customizable LED screen in the world, making the screen itelf the most thin, flexible, and durable screen. Once an individual purchases the smart screen, they can use the screen for the rest of time. He can insert or wear the board for all events, and in the long run, save more money. He would never have to experience buying "certain" LED screens; the screen is universal for all events. The universal aspect the NS2 Plus Smart Screen possesses is what makes this product special in all ways.

The NS2 is the beginning of change that the technological world requires.

Let's light up the world together with our product!





What is the

ns2 Plus Smart screen?

Customizable LED Technology

our vision

The NS2 Plus Smart Screen is an LED smart screen that can be customized through your smartphone by using both our smartphone

app and bluetooth technology. Our app gives the user access to insert text, animation, and images they wish to display on the

                                                   screen. What goes on the screen can be adjusted with the touch of a finger!​​


Our vision for our product is very simple. We want to light up the world! We want all individuals to experience such a product. There would be no such thing as "one" design. The user would be able to have full control ever their LED screen. We know that the NS2 Plus Smart Screen will revolutionize all areas of the world in entertainment, interior design, safety purposes, to even clothing. We go by three principles: Imagine, Create, Expand. 

​The unlimited uses such a product possesses is what makes the NS2 Plus Smart Screen unique. We want to change the way people see LED technology.

​We thank you for taking the time to view our product!